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Suhas Ekbote on Designer and Classic Furniture. The way we Dream and Leave!

You were that curious infant many moons back, remember?

Always wondering about the things outside of that Shisham crib your great-granny must have inherited from her mother in law.

Remember, that rusty feel of age old wood on your baby fingers?

Then one day, you jumped out and you were born all over again… to learn things, to breathe on your own and stand on your own feet…

You had your first friend by then, remember? – The wooden PANGULGADA! You tried to chase that trusting friend even when you did not know the magic of balancing both your feet.

Then one joyous morning, your elders declared proudly that it was your first day out.

To school.

And you had your first App: That black slate with glistening, chestnut brown wooden frame.

You broke that slate often, but the wooden frame refused to leave you. Then slowly, the world began opening its lovely arms for you. The day you mastered the art of playing Viti-Dandu, You embarrassed cricket with great pride and enthusiasm.

Remember your first cricket bat after two weekends of sulking demands you secretly made to your mother who then pleaded with your father? The Bat was made of Kashmir Willow. Then suddenly you started growing up fast.

designer furniture warmthYou made thousands of friends and the cricket fever reached to the sky with soaring temperatures. The matches were played in your own courtyard with banging doors and breaking window-panes. You made your GrandPa go crazy to such an extent, that he often issued orders, come inside and do whatever you brats!!!

Then you had no other option but to pack your cricket kit and treat your friends to a glass of Limbu-Sarbat and that hidden treasure: BHOVARA.

– A brightly painted, fast moving around itself wooden magic…remember?

Your most precious Twilights went by when you heard your mother calling you home.

Wash your hands, clean your dirty feet, change for the night and sit quietly in front of the luminously glowing, fragrant DEVGHAR.

You can’t forget that glistening black DEVHARA custom-made by your forefathers in chaste SHISHAM.

After the Subham Karoti and evening shlokas rendered to its perfection, it was always the time to sit on the Wooden Swing with all your cousins and master the tables.

You did not have the fancy of calculators, remember?

As the sunken, tired Sun went back to his mother and the Moon began smiling cheerfully, there was always a call from the kitchens. Time for the Dinner.

Remember those days before dining tables and chairs?

Everybody took a pride in sitting in meticulous lines on those gloriously decorated PAAT running through generations.

That was your first taste of genuine, authentic SAGWAN wood, remember??

Soon as you had your dinner sitting on the floor, it was time for those lovely bedtime stories only grandma could tell to the bunch of her sleepy grandchildren.

indian classic baithak You may not recall what finally happened to the princess and her handsome prince and whether they lived happily ever after, because you never heard Grandma concluding on their life as you drifted off blissfully in the middle..!

But you cannot forget that magnificent Shisham bed running for generations in your family.

Your childhood is incomplete without Grandma’s bedtime stories … and that huge gigantic bed you spent the most carefree nights of your life on…


As you grew up, life clinched away all these happy, carefree days and the childhood silently slipped by.

Then the race of life took you to many places. You went to Schools, colleges, cruelly big mega cities and different continents… beyond geography.

You went all over the world, and started exploring your own too.

You went to visit Rajasthan’s rich palaces and those beautiful temples of South India.

You could afford things and enjoy beauties.

Your outer self changed beyond recognition… you became modern and then one day,

You began feeling the etch to go search your roots.

classic ekbote solid wood furnitureThe memories of that childhood Wadas came back haunting you. The magnificent wooden decorations of that house your forefathers built, those robust KHAMB supporting that huge structure for years… and your mother bidding you adieu with teary eyes from behind that SAGWAN front door when you first stepped out of the house and went to the big city for college admission.


All these memories weave a beautiful collage that is YOU.

And now you wish to revive those memories, shape them in reality and decorate your own house…to become HOME!

You wish to have your past resurrected in your present and build something that will hold your future! You wish to pass on your childhood to your children and then, may be, theirs too!

You want your home to look modern and still have that ancient feel of grandeur and dignity.

You wish to convert the square feet calculations of your modern apartment to the opulence, your forefathers enjoyed.


Everybody dreams of a dream home. A decent apartment flat, luxurious Bungalow, Multi storied building… a quite farm house away in the woods. This dream has many faces.

Then there are so many facets: offices, hotels, resorts. Place where you work. Place where you conduct your business.

Whatever it is, the PLACE becomes a reflection of your personality with the colors, textures and the mood it beams. Every little aspect like doors, windows, chairs, sofa set in the living room, mirrors in the passages, paintings on the walls, small artifacts that you collect and display, even the wall clocks!

Everything weaves something into the magic!

suhas ekbote Your home not only reflects your personality, it imparts the culture that you represent and respect.

You have money. You have resources. But that does not mean, you just go out, buy things and convert your place in a museum of your riches. You wish, every piece of furniture, every little collection of artifacts has to be unique and one of its own kind. You do not want to buy things that are assembly line products available in mass markets. You want everything special. Exclusive.


Then come to us. Because, we do understand YOU. And we know the magic to convert any house into your OWN HOME.

You will be surprised to know, that

At Ekbote Ventures, we do not have a product catalogue.

Why do we need such dull, dreary humdrum when we do not have any assembly lines producing similar sofas and the same old chairs matching those aged tables?

You would not meet any salesman in our showroom,

Because there is nothing readymade to be sold to any person walks in.

And why would we do that?

I mean, why would I stuff MY ideas to decorate YOUR home?

Just walk in some day in any of Ekbote Ventures showroom.

You would meet efficient consultants who would be able to help you shape your own ideas and you would get to see some installations just to ignite your mind.

You just have to have a cup of hot coffee and speak freely about all your vague ideas of doing up your place.

The textures you want, the colors you love, the smells you dream off and the soft pillows you wish to curl around.

Are you done with your dream?

Now, let’s drift into reality for a minute, and finish the loathsome job of discussing some figures.

I mean, your budget, the square feet available and the days you wish to spend on this project.

Then, we will take over from there.

We will draw up a plan, design the corners, and put details to all your dreams making them into sketches and drawings and work closely on the project till that parrot-green soft cushion rests blissfully on your sofa.

Everything is on us!

You just come, visit in between, and have an evening chat with our artisans who will be busy shaping up all your dreams.

You have never heard of anything like this.

Have you?

This is the unique concept we are developing: Furniture Studio.

Dattoba Govind and Damodar Govind Ekbote – Two brothers who have founded this concept in 1950s were far ahead of their times.

The city of Pune in those times was a cluster of magnificent, traditional structures proudly called Wada. As the modern times arrived knocking down the generations old opulence and every inch became precious, Wada Culture began breathing its last.

People started moving into small apartment units measured into square feet and the landscape of the city began to change rapidly. Ekbote brothers sensed this cultural change soon enough and started blending traditional architectural ethos into modern designs of necessities. They were not mere carpenters. They blended art into woodwork and walked proudly with the city of Pune shading all its age-old inhibitions to become a modern Metro.

I grew up when this sea-change was happening around me. Carpentry runs into the blood of my family. I was no exception. I had talent passed on as my hereditary gene pool. I was a born carpenter… who then rolled into an eminent Art School to learn the paradigms of modern commercial interior design and sensibility.

When I stepped out of the school and joined my family business, I thought of taking a different path less travelled. Customer profile was changing rapidly. Had I not been up to their expectations, I would have become one of many running assembly line mass production of furniture. This was not some rocket science to figure out. It was way too obvious.

That set me thinking.

Every artist has a studio.

Photographer works from his own studio.

KASHTHSHILP is also considered one of the 64 art forms Indian culture imbibes.

Then, I thought, why not me?

Even though, I would work with the same material, same processes and techniques, but the perception can and should be different. A unique concept slowly emerged: Furniture Studio. The response has been amazing. People with particular tastes and design dreams began flocking to Ekbote Ventures, when they came to know that there is a place giving life to the dreamy thoughts of doing up one’s place. As we move to and even beyond post modern world, every civilization is at a danger of losing its own ancient treasures.

India is no exception.

Just look at the eye soaring sky scrapers we are building in hideous concrete with the most un-imaginative designs and then think of those exclusive, exquisite Wadas and Havelis our forefathers took pride creating as an artwork of its own sort. In my small, personal way, I am trying to revive some of the design motifs and thoughts that could easily blend in the modern pieces we call FURNITURE.

The main hitch in this journey of revival is of trained, skilled artisans. Carpenter is an artist who never ever gets his/her due respect. We treat them as mere labor working to earn daily wages. Because of this, young generation of carpenters is moving away to other respectful professions and we are losing big on traditional talent that runs in their blood.

I am trying to change this perception.

Carpenters in my Furniture Studio always get an elevated, due recognition of an artist. They are the back bone of my business and enjoy last word in designs.

I travel a lot. In India and Abroad.

Just to look at some old styles of woodwork and try to imbibe them, revive them in our own thinking.

I pass this on to my artists and our Furniture Studio then erupts with new creative highs.

We have computers and software that are intelligent enough to design, but we have artists who only could read and understand the minds of our clients.

We are proud that we are traditional. We are proud, that we could blend traditions with the modern sensibilities and create something that is synonymous with, who else, but YOU.

Come, visit us….

Let’s have a coffee together

Discuss, design and create your dream home.
Suhas Ekbote

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