Chinchwad will never be the same again with the arrival of EKBOTE’s the gurus of home and office décor, the recently opened 3 story showroom takes exclusivity in designer furniture to the next level, a Unique place with a wide array of furniture having living room, bedroom, dining, office, and ornamental pieces, all imbued with the quality and artistic finesse that EKBOTE is known to deliver.

EKBOTE’s creations are unique because every single one Is handcrafted, not something one finds in a catalog, that being said, things found in catalogs rarely offer the kind of quality only Ekbote @ Chinchwad does, using only the finest woods, and the best craftsmen does EKBOTE come up with a stunning collection of designer furniture at their Chinchwad Gallery.

With a variety of styles Indian, Classical, Contemporary and Fusion, Suhas Ekbote’s furniture lend a masterful touch to everyone’s personal space by furnishing new ideas which are not just elegant, modern & opulent but most importantly extremely functional. The collection also has a range to fit everyone’s fancy, from cost effective furniture to extravagant opulent pieces.


The new showroom is a unique place in itself; one is stunned by the sheer number of beautiful objects that grab your attention as you set foot inside. EKBOTE’s attention to detail can be noticed in every corner, in every wooden surface , right down to every single nail. The wholesome experience in the feel of art and design is overwhelming. A customer at Ekbote will always enjoy shopping there as every mood, liking, finish, has been looked after, also the sales personnel keep the customers well informed about the materials used and the design concepts. The mind boggling array of signature teak wood creations so crafted could easily tickle the fancies of many an art connoisseur, however, that isn’t the main intention of the proprietors.

According to them the real creativity lies is in visualizing & designing pieces which can blend in perfectly with the customers’ requirements. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t. Then those requirements could be based on the material (teak, rosewood, ivory etc) or it could be based on style, splendor, opulence, and aesthetics (Classical, Contemporary and Traditional. Ethnic, Theme) or just about anything that catches the fancy.

Suhas Ekbote the Graphic Art Graduate genius has been an expert in Furniture design and Furnishing solutions for over 20 years, His works have had high demand all across India, He believes that incorporating art into lifestyle is very important as it always keeps the mind fresh, a thought inspired by Picasso who once said “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”, Ekbote is a person who takes great pride in delivering only the best quality…

Quoting the maestro behind the venture: “Once we know what space is to be beautified then it’s all a matter of creativity & experience which do the rest of the job i.e. Creating awe-inspiring designs which can be the pride and joy for years to come.”

Thus pick any item: right from a bed to a couchette, a lounging chair to a wardrobe … from a study table to a dining table… from chairs , coffee tables to wall artifacts and mattresses… here you will find a piece for every space , for every requirement and in the right material, the right color and even with the right accessory. Practical solutions for every need be it for furnishing, refurbishing or decoration.

This is exactly why Ekbote’s Furniture’s oeuvre is not just furniture but an exquisite objet d’art!

To get some glimpse of it just drop in to our showroom at Chinchwad and find a treasure of happiness.